Chef Danielle Leoni Headshot.jpg

Danielle Leoni

The Breadfruit & Rum Bar 

Recognized as one of the top innovative Chefs of the Valley, Executive Chef Danielle Leoni has lived up to that distinction with an avant-garde approach to blending local farm-fresh ingredients with tropical traditions. Under her stewardship, The Breadfruit and Rum Bar has introduced an entirely new cuisine to the Valley, while redefining perceptions of tropical dining. Chef Leoni has spent over a decade exploring the islands of the Caribbean and immersing herself in the local food culture from one island to another.  Inspired by her experience and appreciation of the rich and vibrant flavors of the tropics, she is setting a new standard of culinary creativity.  Chef Leoni and her acclaimed restaurant have received numerous awards including 6 Gold Medals from the Devoured Culinary Classic and a long standing recognition as a top 10 restaurant in downtown Phoenix. She continues to inspire taste buds with the here newly opened Leoni's Focaccia which is already creating a buzz. Dominic Armato, food Critic for the Arizona Republic dubbed it one of "3 new sandwich shops that are keeping the bar high". Eater dubbed it as one of the “12 Hottest New Restaurants in Phoenix” for 2017. Leoni’s Focaccia is now slated to re-open its doors in the downtown Phoenix area.

Chef Danielle's is passionately supportive of Arizona's farming community, and is a staunch advocate for organic and sustainable foods. On the sidelines, Chef Leoni works tirelessly to assist in the cultivation of the next crop of great chefs both inside and outside of her kitchen.