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Donald Hawk

Donald Hawk has been as close to a valley native as possible. Born in South Korea, but adopted by a Polish / German family. While growing up in Arizona, Donald spent his summer in Cleveland Ohio which opened his eye to polish food in the Midwest that would become an important roll later on in his career.  After he enrolled in the Arizona Culinary Institute in 2005, Donald landed his externship with James Porter at Tapino Wine Bar. After a brief stint he landed a job working for Claudio Urciouli. The two went on to open Chris Biancos town and country location and then later restaurant noca cooking simple Italian food but with the fruits of local growers. During that stint, Donald had the chance to be on the opening team for Citizen public house with chef Bernie Kantak. Slightly perplexed at first, the two bonded over p

Lolish food and became a huge influence to each other. After a few years in the valley, and also wanting to see a change, Donald moved to Portland Oregon work for Jenn Louis at Lincoln restaurant. After seeing farm to table and what could be done working with local farmers, he decided it was time to come back to Phoenix.  Upon his return, he signed up for a second stint at Crepe Bar. Bernie Kantak persuaded him to come aboard The Gladly and head up the new Raw Bar program. During his time, he started KosoPhx with his partner Brent Kille. KosoPhx is a pop up dedicated to the flavors of southern and Korean cultures, but also adventuring outside of their collective cooking experiences. Koso’s idea is just to host dinner with fun food and affordable experiences.