Flower Child

Flower ChildTake a look around and you’ll see a revolution going on in today’s restaurant scene, where healthy, fast and casual are setting the standard for what diners are looking for. This couldn’t be more true than at Flower Child, a “groovy” spot at 40th Street and Camelback in Phoenix, the new convergence of restaurants and businesses suited for the health conscious. Opened in April 2014, the Sam Fox concept restaurant has been gaining loyal followers with every salad, wrap, hot pot and bowl served. At Flower Child, the focus is on simple, quality ingredients that are responsibly grown and humanely raised—something you immediately get a sense of once you step through the doors.

Filled with natural light and vintage décor, the restaurant evokes a bustling neighborhood market. Colorful displays of seasonal fruits and vegetables greet you as you step up to the counter of the open kitchen, where you get a sense that something special is happening.

The Flower Child crew prepares dishes that are made from scratch and cooked fresh with quality ingredients. The restaurant follows the Environmental Working Group’s guidelines and sources non-GMO, pesticide-free produce, and their proteins are naturally raised, without additives. There are also a number of options for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

On the menu, salads run the gamut from kale to quinoa to the Thai buckwheat noodle. Vegetable and grain plates invite you to mix and match seasonal offerings, while cleverly-themed whole-grain wraps, and globally-inspired hot pots and bowls add a spice and variety to the mix.

The restaurant’s drink offerings are also made fresh, from their seasonal lemonades to their squeezed juices. Healthy teas like Acai green tea with hibiscus blossom and Japanese mango sencha green tea are available at the self-serve drink bar. And on tap are the GT’s Trilogy kombucha, organic red and white wines, and organic IPAs.


Flower Child

5013 N. 44th St., Phoenix



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