Otro Cafe

Guest post written by Sharon Salomon, MS, RDN

Doug Robson, chef/owner at Otro Café, has participated in Devour since its inception. Being a part of the event has become a tradition for him that he looks forward to every year. “It’s a great way to connect with the community of diners who frequent our restaurant as well as a way to meet new people who have never visited us. It’s also a great way to connect with the other chefs who are usually so busy that we rarely have time to see each other.”


Every year Robson tries to choose something different to serve. One year it was goat tacos another year it was flapjacks another year carnitas. This year he intends to go for something a little less Mexican and a little more Vietnamese. Robson’s cooking reflects his multicultural heritage. He was born in Mexico to a Vietnamese mother and a British father hence the combination of offerings on his menu at Otro Café and the diverse dishes at Devour. He wouldn’t share the Vietnamese treat he intends to serve but whatever it is, it will be special.