Toward Zero Waste

Committed to a Sustainable Community

Organizers are committed to decreasing the impact that Devour Week has on the environment. We are consistently conscious of what we can be doing and are currently implementing all of the following procedures in into all or most events.

2017 Successes

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.51.53 AM.png
  • We recycle and compost. Stations are set up throughout the event with recycle and compost bins, and green team volunteers help to educate attendees on which bins their waste should be placed in. 
  • We encourage vendors to bring compostable or recyclable plates and service ware.
  • Wine bottles are repurposed into glassware through Refresh Glass.
  • Signage is reused or donated to groups that can repurpose it.
  • Soft plastics are recycled through Bag Central Station.
  • We use reusable linens.
  • We weigh and track the environmental impact of the event each year.
  • We encourage and provide sourcing from local farms and food producers.
  • We encourage public transportation and biking to the event.

Future goals include increasing our recycling and compost efforts, reducing the amount of plastic water bottles at the event, and removing all Styrofoam.

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